Friday, April 30, 2010

Petition for leopards : Please support this cause

TAKE ACTION :Leopard killed in Haryana for no reasons Naresh Kadyan

Click here Abhishek Kadyan

Mr. India 2008 Pravesh Rana Join Save Tiger Campaign - Abhishek Kadyan

WILD TIME in Conversation With Naresh Kadyan

TAKE ACTION : Big Cats Have Right to Live, Self Defense as Well - Naresh Kadyan


  1. save the wild cats!! save the forest!! stop the insane barbaric acts against nature!!

  2. Stop this insanity! We need to gard and protect this magnificant creatures. The wild cats are an invaluable legacy that we don't have the right to kill just because we can. Save the wild cats

  3. Hello sir,

    I know that you are doing your best to save the beautiful creatures but I would request you to contact some news channel like NDTV etc. Because in order to get heard we need their support. We all are with you. I will do my best to help you in whatever way I can. Thousands of us can protest against the poilce dept and the Govt. for not providing the wildlife dept. with sufficient equipments. Lets do something before it is too late.

  4. We were given these beautiful animals and look how we are treating them. They are endangered and they are killed instead of being tranquilized simply because they were seeking water. Something must be done. We cannot just turn a blind eye and wonder later why these beautiful animals went extinct. Maybe a fundraising event can be planned to raise funds to provide the police with more tranquilizer darts so they will not kill these beautiful animals for absolutely no reason.